Monthly Archives: August 2014

Soul Ink is now on Goodreads

My Grimm Agency novella, Soul Ink, is now available to be added on Goodreads. If you need an Agency fix between now and Armageddon Rules, this is it!.

How it should have ended: Hansel and Gretel

Today I’m over at Laura Kreitzer’s blog, talking about Hansel and Gretel REALLY should have ended. We all know the story. Candy house, diabetic kids, obese witch, and they go home happy to a father who tried to kill them. You can read more here.

The Most Annoying Fairy Tale Creatures

Today, over on Jason Rust’s Puddintopia site, I’m talking about the most annoying fairy tale creatures, and why. Read on to get my breakdown on the bad, the worse, and the truly awful…

Stomp vs. Romp

Today I’m over at rabid reads, participating in their “Stomp vs. Romp” contest. You can bet I came firmly down on the side of team stomp, as I tend to believe there’s nothing a good explosion won’t solve.   There’s a give away as well!

Why Fairy Tales Still Appeal To Us

Today I’m over at Sharon Johnston’s, talking about why fairy tales still appeal to us…