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Jun 04

Novella News

While it feels strange to be talking about sequels when you haven’t gotten to read the first book, I’m delighted to say we have a deal to publish a novella in between “Free Agent” and “Armageddon Rules.”  This means that once you’ve devoured (and hopefully loved!) Free Agent, you’ll be… Read more »


May 17

ARCs have arrived.

Look what came yesterday! This came by mail.  My book is shaped like a book instead of a file on my computer.  I can’t tell you how happy this makes me, because it’s not a rational happiness.  It’s just me enjoying the fact that Free Agent is now in the… Read more »


May 13

Writing Archeology

With the complete of Free Agent’ galley proofing, I’ve had time to go back and do a sort of writer’s spring cleaning.  By that I mean I sorted through all my archived writing.  In there I found the first three books I ever tried to write. I remember reading an… Read more »


Apr 30

Galley Proofing – a slow process

I have the typeset file for Free Agent on my SurfaceRT right now, reading it line by line, looking for typos. I’m very nearly done with this book, but getting ready for book two by reviewing the cover copy. That’s all the words that appear on the front, spine, and… Read more »


Mar 25

New Worlds, and Old

I sat down last night and opened a blank document.  Not a new book…yet.  A blank document that will contain all my thoughts and ideas for a new book, just blurted out straight into it.  And then the research starts.  The name choosing.  The nailing down of ideas and fleshing… Read more »



Jan 11

Edits are underway

I’m beginning my revision of Free Agent today. Soon it will be shined and polished to the point where I can share it with the world. I’d always read that the editing process was painful. Truth is, I love making my story better. I love making the minor tweaks that… Read more »


Oct 31

Happy NaNoWriMo

This November, many novelists will band together in a challenge where they attempt to write 50,000 words in one month.  Insanity?  No. There’s a method to the madness. If you’ve never actually written a book, stacking up 100,000 words seems like a near impossible task.  For that matter, there are… Read more »


Oct 10

On Writing Software

I’ve always been the type to open Notepad, or Word and just start writing…until a few days ago.  My friends raved to me about Scrivener, and it turned out, there was a windows version as well.  So I downloaded it, installed it, and spent a few hours clicking through the… Read more »