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The Triangle – A review

There are few things that make my day more than being invited to read an advance copy of a book by authors whose work I know and love, so the day I got an email inviting me to read and review The Triangle, by Dan Koboldt, Mindy McGinnis and Sylvia Wrigley, it wasn’t even a …

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Priest of Bones – A Book Review.

First things first, go and order it. No, you haven’t read the review yet, but go and order it now to save you the trouble after you read the review, because, odds are, you will want to order it.  At the end of The Lord of the Rings, the hobbits come home and cleanse the …

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3D Printers – MP Mini versus Anet A8

I’ve always been a fan of the reprap project. I’ve tried to build one at various stages, and had to face the fact time and again that I’m lousy at building electronics from scratch. However, in the last few years, 3d printers have not only become simpler, they’ve become near commodity items, with kits as …

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Passages by Laurel Wanrow

Today, I’m delighted to host a friend, Laurel Wanrow, and celebrate the release of her Sci-Fi Romance, Passages.  Check out the cover, read about what makes her world different, and read an excerpt of this excellent book! Lacuna, a bit of realism, a bit of magic   I am a big fan of Neil Gaiman. …

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Soulbreaker – a Work In Progress

Not too long ago, I met with a friend for coffee, and while I was talking with her, I described how I’d once experienced a thunderstorm from high in the mountains, and how the storm felt like something alive and moving just outside. That idea crystalized together with one about a young woman living in …

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Happy Release day to Hayley Stone’s Counterpart

Today I’m wishing a happy release to Hayley Stone for the second book in her series that began with Machinations. While I was rooting for the robots to win and wipe out humanity, in Machinations, the robots weren’t quite able to finish the job. This time around, maybe they will! The high-intensity sci-fi thriller series …

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SSF Mentor Question & Answer, Part Four

Four Questions With SF/F Mentors Some of the Adult SF/F mentors got together and decided to answer some fun questions. Now, keep in mind that there are other mentors accepting adult SF/F, so don’t take this as a comprehensive list. You still want to click through and read for everyone, and remember: Your dream mentor …

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Guest Post – Bishop O’Connell

Today, I’m hosting a guest post by Biship O’Connell, in which he discusses music, his new book, The Returned, and more! Do you want proof that God has a sense of humor? I’m a writer, and nothing drives me battier than the sound of typing on a keyboard. I can handle it for a little …

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Cover Reveal – Magic Bitter, Magic Sweet by C.N. Holmberg

There’s a series that starts with “The Paper Magician” which I read back when it first came out, and the whimsical world of magic really captured my attention.  So when I heard that C.N. Holmberg had a new book coming, I jumped on board. Check out the cover and blurb below… The peculiar tale of …

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Signing The Reburialists

If you are in the Seattle Area, stop by Seattle Mystery books tomorrow at Noon, where I’ll be signing copies of The Reburialists (and anything else you want signed, within reasonable, non creepy limits). J.C.