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The Triangle – A review

There are few things that make my day more than being invited to read an advance copy of a book by authors whose work I know and love, so the day I got an email inviting me to read and review The Triangle, by Dan Koboldt, Mindy McGinnis and Sylvia Wrigley, it wasn’t even a question.

I was in.

I was in for a treat.

I’m going to make an effort to keep this review spoiler-free. I’ve read all of The Triangle. You can’t do that yet, since it’s in serial format, but you’ll be wishing you could. I swear, I would hit the end of the chapter and think “This had better not be the end, I need to know what…”

What did I need to know?

I needed to know what happened to a navy ship, lost in the Triangle?

What happened to a plane full of passengers?

What was the mysterious glow?

Who was a little girl alone at the controls of a Cessna talking to?

And from there, the mysteries only got deeper. Each time I thought I understood who was doing what, some new piece of the puzzle would be revealed, leaving me to say “Damn you, Triangle. Next chapter.” Pacing in a serial is a hard thing to get right. Every piece needs to leave you needing to know what happens next, and The Triangle delivers on this. With out a doubt, some members of the cast and crew will appeal more to readers than others, but each voice is distinct, each person has their own motives, and those motives change and evolve. My personal favorite was Segarra, but fans of CSI style shows will love Dumont.

That’s the other great thing. At times in this book, you’ll probably be delighted, frustrated, or infuriated by different character’s decisions, because they are all in one way or another flawed. This works in the context of The Triangle because rather than get “The Grizzled War Veteran” or “The Hacker” or the “Dr. House, Female Edition” you get individuals.

SerialBox is new to me, I hadn’t encountered it before, but in essence you can either purchase a season outright and listen/read the whole thing as it arrives, or buy it in chunks, stopping where you want. I don’t think you’ll want to stop The Triangle, so I’ll recommend you save yourself the trouble and just buy it.

I had a few quibbles with the book in that by the end, I was certain that at least one character was either lying or being lied to, and that particular person is just too smart to not know. There was one mystery we don’t see the end of and that made me cry little tears of “there’s not a sequel to explain it and I wanted an answer, damn it.” As I said, there’s a few spots where I simply want to smack characters. Not because they’re failing the “Lick this Power Wire” test, but because you’re rooting for them to do better, change. Despite these quibbles, I’m watching for any signs of The Triangle II. I don’t have any proof it exists.

But I want to believe.

You can listen to a sneak peak of The Triangle, buy the whole season (do it!) or just take a taste test of the first episode at

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