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Rights Returned

So, I’ve been damn near silent for quite a long while, because I’ve been waiting to get the rights to my Grimm Agency series back. And…I did. Even my UF Zombie story, The Reburialists, is now mine to do what I want with.

And what do I want?

I want to make them better. Free Agent doesn’t match my standards anymore. Marissa is occasionally cruel and downright mean in a few cases, and it’s often unclear what experiences drive that. Nothing is ever explained. There’s not nearly enough description. It’s the sort of book I would write eight years ago, but not up to what I write now.

So…there will be a revision and a re-release. The meat of the story won’t change. If you remember the plot, there won’t be a huge difference there. The motivations? The descriptions? All of those will be re-considered sentence by sentence, to give clarity. To reshape.

And there’s a few things I won’t be tolerating. They’ll be out-and-out changed.

So, let the re-writing begin. First up will be all three Grimm Agency books and Soul Ink, along with the Christmas short “Special Delivery.” Then I’ll turn the same way on The Reburialists. Happy Holidays to all of you.

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