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To celebrate Soul Ink’s release..a giveaway!

Soul Ink, my Grimm Agency novella, releases Tuesday, January 26th! T0 celebrate, I’m giving away an ARC of Armageddon Rules and a $10 gift card! The giveaway is open folks in the US, since i have to mail an ARC to you. You can enter by following me on Twitter, tweeting about the giveaway, or commenting on the post.

Since I’m currently throwing a party for Soul Ink’s release, tell me about an awesome tattoo you have, saw…or why you’d never have one.

Scroll down to find the giveaway.

Soul Ink


As the right hand woman at the Fairy Godfather’s Grimm Agency, Marissa Locks has a grip on all things magical. If only she could get control of her own not-so-charmed life…

For most people, waking up after a night of partying next to a dragon, sporting a tattoo with a mind of its own, would be a new low. For Marissa, only the tattoo is new—and, unfortunately, it’s not the weirdest part of her day. The Agency has been called in to stop a string of messy murders, a problem that’s turning into a disaster of biblical proportions, and Marissa’s been assigned to the case.

One of the archangels from Paradisia is attempting to switch teams, and he’s willing to use as many souls as it takes to pay his way. With Grimm contractually bound to clean up the chaos, Marissa must find a way to keep the former cherub from completing his rampage. But between fighting an angel gone bad and battling the magical compulsions of her new Fae tattoo, Marissa’s definitely facing the worst hangover in history…

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  1. Chelly Pike Chelly Pike

    Congrats on the release. I have huge 10yo tramp stamp *cringes* but it’s my daughter’s astrological sign so it offsets the humiliation a tad. 🙂

  2. Kurt Phillips Kurt Phillips

    I will never get a tattoo because I’m not sure I’ll agree with my decision on what to eat for dinner tonight, let alone a picture on my body to look at forever. Well, except for that “Zune rocks” tattoo…

  3. Emily Smith Emily Smith

    I have one tattoo on my back. It was from the first time I went to Hawaii, I was 18 and the tattoo artist sketched it right in front of me. It’s a girl turtle surfing. It’s colorful and I still love it after almost 12 years. I want to get another tattoo to symbolize my husband and our three sons, but haven’t come up with any ideas that I love yet.

    • Awesome! I have this fear of needles, pain, permanent marker, and also…well, pretty much everything. So no tattoos for me. 🙂

  4. Jessica Jessica

    So far no tattoos because I can’t decide on something permanent that I will always want.

  5. Nicole Morris Nicole Morris

    Some of my favorite tattoos are the Monmon Cats by Horitomo out of State of Grace Tattoo in San Jose. Beautiful color work and detail. I’d love to get one someday.

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