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West of Hell

It’s been a while since I posted, and with good reason! I’ve been heads down working on my next novel, a story that combines my love of the classic westerns with fantasy of the wildest sort. I’m hoping that one day, you’ll get a chance to journey with me…

West of Hell

Charles Gramson expected fire and brimstone when he danced at the end of a hangman’s rope, but instead he fell into low hell, the wildest of Lucifer’s domain. There, butchers roam the streets to collect the sin tax, and souls are melted down to give the devil his due.

Hessie Carlyle was hoping for a rain of blood, a proper storm to water the penance wheat and clot in the gullies. Instead, she got a single washed up lawman and a whole mess of trouble.

Gramsons’s arrival has wakened an elder demon from its death slumber deep in the mines, and to be rid of it, Hessie will need help from Hell’s oldest witch. But going back to the convent Hessie escaped from won’t be so easy. Together, the corrupt lawman and the murderous prostitute will challenge the order of Hell itself and leave a trail of chaos in their wake.

But Hell’s greatest evils walk on two legs, and the one with Hessie in his sights is an old friend with a score to settle. In the battle for the afterlife it’s anything goes, because even for a Texas Ranger, there is no law, out west of Hell.

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