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The Reburialists – Behind the Scenes

March 1st, The Reburialists will be available at bookstores near you. Today, I’m giving you a glimpse of what got me started. When I sat down to write The Reburialists, I did so because I’d seen so many zombie movies in which the zombies devour everyone, took over the world, or otherwise wiped out humanity. And I kept thinking: Humans are basically violent, talkative cockroaches. We hang on and adapt. We’re vicious when we’re not being brutal—and those are our good qualities.

So what if the dead began to rise?

Humans would get on with their lives so they could get back to the business of killing each other. And society would adapt in ways that might surprise everyone. From there I began to wonder what other legends and myths might be related, and one that stood out was that of the living mummy.

And so I began to write, discovering a world where the dead have always risen, playthings of forces that view mankind as pets and prey. A world where funeral directors are battle hardened veterans, and morticians get hazard pay. Where police work hand in hand with a group of men and women crazy enough to go toe to toe with a foe who can’t be killed because they’re already dead.

A world where a dead god might rise up, eager to finish what she started ages ago.

The world of The Reburialists

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