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SSF Mentor Question & Answer, Part Four

Four Questions With SF/F Mentors

Some of the Adult SF/F mentors got together and decided to answer some fun questions. Now, keep in mind that there are other mentors accepting adult SF/F, so don’t take this as a comprehensive list. You still want to click through and read for everyone, and remember: Your dream mentor is the one so passionate about your work they can’t wait to help you.The questions are intended to give you some insight, but they’re no substitute for the wishlists, we link to here.

Question One:

The best SFF TV show of all time was/is?

Michelle Hauck – The first Stargate series.

Dan Koboldt – Firefly

Holly Faur – Doctor Who!

Michelle Hazen – Game Of Thrones

Nazarea Andrews – Firefly (and my Trekkie heart is screaming at me for that answer!) OR. (I’m on the fence with this show because I feel like it’s more paranormal than SFF but whatever it’s my all time favorite) Supernatural.

Carrie Callaghan – Eeek! I don’t really watch TV.

E.B. Wheeler – Stargate: SG1

J.C. Nelson – Battlestar Galactica

Hayley Stone – Doctor Who

Michael Mammay – Battlestar Galactica


Question Two:

Light saber or blaster?

Michelle Hauck – Light saber.

Dan Koboldt – Saber!

Holly Faur – Saber

Michelle Hazen – Light saber. Sword fights are just more fun to write.

Nazarea Andrews – Oooh. Blaster.

Carrie Callaghan – Light Saber.

E.B. Wheeler – Light Saber

J.C. Nelson – Saber. It’s a more elegant weapon, from a more civilized time, when we cut the arms off of people we don’t like.

Hayley Stone – Lightsaber

Michael Mammay – Blaster


Question Three:

Sword, bow, or axe?

Michelle Hauck – Sword

Dan Koboldt – Bow

Holly Faur – Sword, Always.

Michelle Hazen – Axe. Especially if it’s long-handled so you can hatchet, axe, OR bo staff with it. I love these questions.

Nazarea Andrews – Bow

Carrie Callaghan – Bow! I took archery in college and have been begging someone to buy me a recurve bow ever since. (Why does no one listen?)

E.B. Wheeler – Bow

J.C. Nelson – Sword. Can’t be a one-true-king without a sword.

Hayley Stone – Sword

Michael Mammay – Sword


Question Four:

I just found my dream PW fantasy submission. The mentor I’m most worried is also going to want it is?

Michelle Hauck – Mike Mammay maybe. But who is worried? Not me. *wink*

Dan Koboldt – Haley Stone

Holly Faur – Michelle Hauk

Michelle Hazen – Mike Mammay and Dan Koboldt.

Nazarea Andrews – …..dude, I don’t know. I’m kinda hoping the others will leave my subs alone. *side eyes*

Carrie Callaghan – Holly Faur. (::gives dirty look::)

E.B. Wheeler –

J.C. Nelson –

Hayley Stone – Michelle Hauk

Michael Mammay – Michelle Hauk

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